School of Spiritual Development

Esoteric School is a unique visual online learning system which will help you to understand,
learn and remember complex esoteric secrets.

7 Gates Of Chakra Learn how to Clean your Chakras and achieve health and Wellness with 7 Chakra Gates Tree Of Life Learn the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah and reveal mysteries of Tree of Life.
12 Zodiac Gates The more you practice 12 Zodiac Gates quicker astrology will sink into your subconscious. Interactive Astrology With Interactive Astrology you will be familiar with all Zodiac Signs, Planets and their Aspects, Houses and relations between them.
Tarot Eye Cast cards or use real world casting and revel card meanings with
Tarot Eye.
Tarot Revelation
Learn tarot card meanings with
Tarot Revelation and make your intuitive power stronger.
Rune Oracle Rune Oracle is divination's tool for casting and spiritual inspiration. Rune Mind Play Rune Mind to learn runes in educational yet entertaining way.