Learning Through Experience

Esoteric School is a unique visual online learning system which will help you to understand, learn and remember complex esoteric secrets.
People learn best by doing, which includes playing, we develop five tools that allow you to learn esoteric knowledge through experience.

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Chakra Gates
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Gates of Chakra you will learn about chakras in detail, including issues related to each chakra. This interactive software design to help you learn about techniques to clean your chakras, visualize its concepts and achieve health and wellness.

Tarot Eye
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Tarot Eye will help you improve your intuitive skills and will make you more sensitive to the unexplored psychic realm. This program will help you learn tarot card meanings, definitions and how the cards relate to each other, using the Universal Waite Tarot deck.

Tree of Life
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Tree of Life - learn the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah from our unique system, and make mysteries about the Tree of Life understandable and meaningful to your life. The more you practice faster will complex kabbalistic secrets sink into your subconscious.

Runes Oracle
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Runes Oracle is tool for rune casting and learning. Consult rune when you are faced with issues or you need guidance. Also it can be used to learn different meanings and keywords of the different runes. Improve your knowledge and memory through playing.

Zodiac Gates
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Zodiac Gates will give you insight in zodiac signs and will help you analyze similarities and differences between them. This interactive software contains information you need to learn about art of Astrology for professional purposes or only just as a hobby.