Raphael the Archangel

Archangel Raphael

Raphael in Hebrew means "It is God who heals", "God Heals", root of the name Raphael also appears in the modern Hebrew word Rophe meaning doctor of medicine.

Raphael is charged to heal the earth and has a special charge of protecting the young, the innocent, and travelers. He is the regent of the Sun, Patron of travelers, chief of the order of virtues and overseer of the evening winds. He is the angel of prayer, love, joy, providence, healing, light, music, science, and knowledge. He is assoaciated with Spring and rebirth. Golden vial of balm, aids in healing and master of healing the earth. Above all, he is the angel of healing.

Besides Raphael, Michael and Gabriel are the only Archangels mentioned by name in the bible. Raphael is one of seven Archangels who stand before the throne of the Lord. He is guardian of the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden.

In Book of Tobit He was sent by God to help Tobit, Tobiah and Sarah. According to the Talmud, he is one of the three angels who visited Abraham after his circumcision. In the Book of Enoch, Raphael bind Azazel hand and foot and cast him into the darkness, burying him under rocks in a desert.

In Islam, Raphael is known as Israfil. According to the Hadith (a collection of narrations based on the deeds and words of the prophet Mohammad), Israfil is the angel responsible for heralding the Judgment Day. It is said that the first blow will destroy everything, while the second blow will bring all human beings back to life again to meet their Lord.

A legend taken from the book of Solomon says that when Solomon prayed to God for help in the building of a temple, God answered with the gift of a magic ring brought to the Hebrew king personally by Raphael. The ring, engraved with the pentalpha, (5-pointed star), had the power to subdue all demons. It was with the "slave labor" of demons that Solomon was able to complete the building of the temple. It was also Raphael who gave Noah, after the flood, a medical book said to have been the famous "The Book of the Angel Raziel".

In the Kabbalah Raphael rules sphere 6 - Tiphareth, which means "beauty".

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