Gabriel the Archangel

Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel Hebrew (God strength) is an angel who serves as a messenger from God. Apart from Michael, she is the only Angel mentioned by name in the Old Testament. In the Gospel of Luke Gabriel foretold the births of both John the Baptist and of Jesus. He is refered to in the Old Testament as appearing to Daniel. He inspired the Prophet Moses to write the book of Genesis. He was involved in the destruction of Sodom and Gommorah. Gabriel was sent to a city Nazareth, to a virgin Mary and said to her "The Holy Spirit will come upon you.... and you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus"

In Islam, Gabriel was the medium through whom God revealed the Qur'an to prophet Muhammad, and that he sent a message to most prophets. He is called the chief of the four favoured angels and the spirit of truth.

Most angels are considered androgynous, so they've both male and female aspects. But certain artworks indicate that Gabriel is more female than male. Because of Gabriel's role as a communicator and mediator between Heaven and Earth, Catholics hold the Archangel to be a Patron Saint of communications workers, diplomats, messengers and childbirth.

Archangel Gabriel's symbol is the lily, and she is associated with the moon, which happens to represent motherhood, intuition, prophecies, dreams and visions.

According to legend, it is Gabriel who will blow the horn announcing the end of time and the general resurrection at the Last Judgment, second coming of Christ.

In the Kabbalah Gabriel rules sphere 9 - Yesod, which means "foundation".

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