Camael the Archangel

Archangel Camael

Archangel Camael or Chamuel (he who sees God) is also known as Kamael or Samael (severity of God). Camuel is the Archangel of Divine Jjustice and the Gatekeeper of Heaven. He is regarded as Chief of the Order of Powers.

It is a name, according to Eliphas Levi in "The History if Magic" (1860), "which personifies divine justice." In a footnote, made by Waite, in chapter 10, it is noted that in Druid mythology, Camael was the god of war. In The Magus by Francis Barrett (1801), Camael is one of "seven angels who stand in the presence of God." In "Revelation of Moses" Camael being in charge of 12,000 angels of destruction ( Angel of Death).

Chamuel is considered, along side of Gabriel, to be one of the angels who strengthened and comforted Jesus on Gethsemane. "Camuel "A most holy angel" invoked in magical operations noted in "The Greater Key of Solomon" (1914) by S. L. MacGregor Mathers. Camael is responsible for holding in check Leviathan, the sea serpent monster who will wallow the souls of sinners on Judgment Day. Some believe Chamuel to be the angel who wrestled with Jacob.

In the Kabbalah Kamael rules sphere 5 - Geburah, which means "severity".

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