Rune Kaunan

Kaunan - Illumination - Torch


Magical Uses:
Creative inspiration, aid in study, cure to disease.

A rune of renewed light after a period of darkness or confusion. As a torch, this rune will flame your creativity and artistic impulse. It is a shining light of hope in the dark. It also can represent a heart's fire, vision, revelation, knowledge, inspiration, passion.

This rune reversed indicates a block in creativity, false hope, loss of light, missed opportunity. What appears to be the true path may be a false trail. Something dark or cold may conceal great energy. It also represents disease, break-up, instability, illusion.

Fehu Uruz Thurisaz Ansuz Raido Kaunan Gebo Wunjo Haglaz Naudiz Isaz Jeran
Iwaz Pertho Algiz Sowilo Tiwaz Berkanan Ehwaz Mannaz Laukaz Ingwaz Othalan Dagaz