Rune Berkanan

Berkanan - Birth


Magical Uses:
To gather and direct the power of the elements, to work with the feminine energy, to make a fresh start.

Berkanan refers to renewal, regeneration, purification, healing, and recovery. Birth and general fertility. It implements mental, physical and personal growth. Regenerative power and light of spring, promise of new beginnings. New aspects are introduced into erotic relationships.

This rune reversed is symbolic of hurdles or problems getting in the way of the birth or start of something. There may be some family problems or troubles on the domestic side. Anxiety about someone close to you. Carelessness, abandon, loss of control, disharmony with nature.

Fehu Uruz Thurisaz Ansuz Raido Kaunan Gebo Wunjo Haglaz Naudiz Isaz Jeran
Iwaz Pertho Algiz Sowilo Tiwaz Berkanan Ehwaz Mannaz Laukaz Ingwaz Othalan Dagaz