The Magician - Tarot Symbolism


Symbolism of Major Arcana in Tarot Reading

The Magician

Roses - Desires
8 in Horizontal Position - Infinity
Magician hands - One of the main Hermetic Laws "As Above so it is Down"
Magician Body - Form Hebrew Letter Aleph
Wand - Ability to Direct Natural Forces
Black Hair Tied With White Stripe - Knowlege Over the Ignorance
Belt - a Snake Urboros as a Symbol of Eternity
Table - Magician Altar
Objects on the table - Wand/Fire, Cup/Water, Sword/Air, Pentacle/Earth
White Robe - Innocence and Purity
Red Robe - Knowledge and Experience
White Lilies and red Roses - Duality Between Passive and Active Principal

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