Wheel Of Fortune - Tarot Symbolism

Symbolism of Major Arcana in Tarot Reading

Wheel Of Fortune

Clouds - Symbol of a Higher Power at Work in the Events of our Lives
Bull, Lion, Eagle and Man - Representing four Evangelists; The 4 Beasts from Revelations 4:7
Wheel - Cycle of Birth, Death and Rebirth (Samsara)
4 Hebrew letters - Tetragrammaton; Name of God-Yod/He/Vau/He
4 symbols on the wheels - Mercury, Sulfur, Water and Salt, Together they Symbolize Change (Golden Dawn Signs)
8 lines - Two Sets of Four as they Each Connect four Letters Western (material) and Hebrew (spiritual)
Sphinx With Sword - Guardian of Truth
Snake - God Seth
Jackal Headed Figure - God Anubis
Taro - Old Version of the Word Tarot, When Formed Anti Clockwise Give the Name Tora (\lang1033 law\lang1023 )
Rota - (Latin) Wheel

Fool Magician High Priestess Empress Emperor Hierophant Lovers Chariot Strength
Hermit Wheel of Fortune Justice Hanged Man Death Temperance Devil Tower Star
Moon Sun Judgement World